Monday, 16 March 2015

Sedona Lace Review: Vortex Brush Set

Recently I've been on the hunt for an all-in-one, travel makeup brush set that I can take with me for spring break because my everyday brushes are too long for most of my makeup bags. My search was over when I came across the Vortex Brush Set by Sedona Lace. This travel brush set contains all the brushes I need to do my everyday makeup and comes in a cute, compact case. I love the practicality of all the slots inside the case and the external zipper that shields them from contamination. 

This set contains eight brushes: three face brushes (FB 03, 05, 07), four eye brushes (EB 09, 11, 13, 27) and one lip brush (LB 25). 

I really like the density of the Flat Top Buffer (FB 07). This brush allows me to achieve a matte face while applying my powder. 

My favourite brush of the set is the Brow Spoolie Duo (EB 27)This brush is all I need to fill in and shape my eyebrows so the fact that it is two-sided, makes it absolutely perfect for travel! 

Finally, I was thoroughly impressed by the Capped Lip Brush (LB 25). It is super soft on the lips and allows for precise application. Once again, I love the capped lip which conceals the brush head from contamination. 

Overall, I love the case, compact ability, and the brush selection in this travel brush set - Not to mention it is a great value of money! If you want to purchase a set for yourself (which I recommend to everyone), you can use the coupon code: prettypolishes, for $4 off your order! Shipping and delivery was quick too, so check it out!

- Rachel 

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